Following my husband's death in 2008, I moved from Tennessee to Florida to look after my parents. Now I'm living in a retirement community, making friends and trying new things. The most fun I've had has been ballroom dancing. So far, I've taken intro lessons in all the dances and now I'm starting intermediate. I hardly have time to read anymore but I manage four or five dances a week!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Down to the Wire

It's almost time for the packers to arrive. I still need to clean out the refrigerator, take all the emptied glass and plastic containers to the recycling center. There are a number of items I don't want to take to Florida but I can't find anyone to pick them up: Bill's old desk and work table, three office chairs, three filing cabinets, a lift chair and three sets of golf clubs.

I'm dreading disconnecting from the internet, but the modem has to go back to the cable company. If a friend will return the modem and two DVRs, I can wait until the last day to unplug. *shiver* It's like losing a lifeline!

Before moving I decided I should get an appraisal of the paintings Bill had collected over the years. Luckily the appraiser was able to do it quickly. I was gob-smacked when I got it. Now I'm hustling to get more insurance before the move. Even though I always knew Bill "didn't collect no junk", I wasn't expecting the value to be so high.

At least I was able to ship most of the memorabilia he had collected in his 76 years to his children and the grandchildren. He never threw anything away so there were trunks full of pictures, miscellaneous military papers, commemorative mugs and plaques. Thank goodness for UPS.

Now I need to "practice pack" the car.


Lori said...

Keeping you in my prayers, and wishing you luck with the move Linda! Be sure to let us know when you are all situated.

Linda said...

Thanks for the good wishes. The practice pack went well but the dogs had a little trouble getting in and out of the car. *snicker*