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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just Shoot Me Now

A year ago I remodeled a screened in porch into an enclosed sunroom.  It was a very messy project that lasted (what seemed like) forever.  I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to remodel my master bath.  I should have remembered the dust, debris and disruption that remodeling causes.

Plastic in bedroom

Right down to the studs

Future pocket door
The first day was tear out.  Although they laid a paper trail from the bath to the front door, placed plastic between the bath and the master bedroom and kept the bedroom door closed (sometimes) ... gritty gypsum dust found its way into every nook and cranny of my entire house!  Argh!!  But they took it down to the studs.

Two gangs and new piping
On the second day, the electricians put in wiring for the lights and towel warmer switch.  I questioned the two single gang outlets by the door and was told one switch was for the towel warmer and one was for the lights and fan.  Noooooo.  I specifically mentioned that I liked having a dimmer switch in the bathroom and that single switch wasn't going to work.  I also noticed that the electricians had not strung wiring for the single light fixture that will be in the central corner of the vanity. Troy, one of the supervisors, agreed and the electrician had to come back.

Troy and Kim with towel warmer
The plumber moved the piping for the shower.  The controls to turn on the water and set the temperature had been on the same wall as the shower head.  Since I'm losing the sliding door and replacing it with a swinging door, the controls needed to be moved to the opposite wall.

They needed to see just how big the towel warmer was so they could place the deadwood between the studs for bracing it, so Troy and Kim (the other supervisor) unpacked it.  They were surprised at how large and heavy it was.

In the background are two cabinets that were for my garage, still in packing.  I had two guys come help me organize my garage and attic while this other stuff was going on inside.  I worked alongside Jim and Steve in the garage and in the attic.  Luckily the weather was nice, not too hot but sunny enough to keep my solar attic fan running.

I've been taking pictures every day of the progress, but so far these are the only ones I've downloaded.

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