Following my husband's death in 2008, I moved from Tennessee to Florida to look after my parents. Now I'm living in a retirement community, making friends and trying new things. The most fun I've had has been ballroom dancing. So far, I've taken intro lessons in all the dances and now I'm starting intermediate. I hardly have time to read anymore but I manage four or five dances a week!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Finished Bath Remodel

Well, I was going to do a week by week visual of the remodeling of my bath, but ... not going to happen.  What I'll provide is before and after pictures.  I'm so lazy.

So here's a before picture.  The laundry baskets sat behind the door.  I would sit on the toilet to put on makeup.  

Now I have an area where I can sit and put on make-up and a whole lot more storage space.  The laundry baskets are in the corner under the counter.  The door was replaced by a pocket door so there's a lot more space.

The other side of the bathroom before the remodel.  I had a portable radiator (seen on bottom left corner) to warm my towel (yes I know that's weird in Florida but I like it).

I changed the overall color scheme from white to cream with natural wood cabinets.  

Instead of the portable radiator I had a towel warmer installed (there on the left) which doubles as the towel rack.  I also had a seat built in (behind the knee wall) at a specific height that would make bathing the dogs easier.  Yes, my life revolves around my pups.  And instead of sliding shower doors we installed a swinging glass door.

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